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  • What are some important rules and regulations I should know while living or vacationing at The Ridge?
  • What happens if you hear a buzzer or see a red light on your home or a neighbor's house?
    Call Oregon Water Utilities IMMEDIATELY at 877-405-1760.  Failure to do so could result in waste water damage to home and property. NOTE: See GREEN LID FAQ below
  • What is the organization structure for Eagle Crest Management and the HOAs at Eagle Crest?
    See the organizational chart linked below.
  • What is the policy regarding solicitation ?
    No soliciting is permitted at any time by an owner, guest, or member of the general public within the boundaries of The Ridge at Eagle Crest.  Call NORTHVIEW MANAGEMENT immediatly to report violators. 541-548-9300
  • What is The Ridge's snow plow schedule?
    Click on the links below to access The Ridge snowplow maps
    Map Key:
    Green = First Priority
    Yellow = Second Priority
    Red = Third Priority
    Please keep in mind; each Central Oregon snowstorm is different. Based on the amount of snowfall and climatic conditions the manager may determine performance specifications. Hillsides and major roads will always take first priority when a storm hits.
    Drive safe and enjoy the winter wonderland!
  • What's under the GREEN LID on your property?
  • Where do I send my HOA payments to?
    Eagle Crest Community Services
    PO BOX 847
    Redmond, OR 97756
    Please click on link below to pay your assessment online.
  • Who do I notify if I would like to build, remodel, add an addition, make extensive landscape changes, change house color, or have association questions?
    See the Architectural Review Committee page here.
  • Where do I get a gate opener for my security gate?
    For gate openers for the security gate on Nutcracker, contact Eagle Crest Management, at 541-548-9300 Gate openers cost $25 and require proof of RECOA membership, so please bring your owner's card with you when you come.
  • Where can I park my RV?
    Short term parking is allowed for only six hours on the street and 48 hours in the driveways of the residences on the Ridge side of Eagle Crest. No vehicles shall be parked on streets between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Long term parking is available at Ridge RV Storage, 541.604.4451.
  • How do I get Sport Center guest passes?
    Eagle Crest Resort owners must secure guest passes for all guests wishing to use the Sports Center facilities. The owner must complete this online form OR personally accompany your guests to the Resort Sports Center to request the passes in person. Owners may have a maximum of six guests. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours after submission for preparation of guest passes. Guest passes are valid for 30 days.
    Since owners receive only two permanent cards to the Sports Centers, children must either accompany their parent, or their parents must apply fora  guest pass for them if older teenage children wish to use the Sports facilities by themselves.
  • How do I sign up for automatic debit of my HOA dues?
    If you would like to sign up for ACH, or automatic debit, of your homeowner dues, fill out the ACH form and return it to Northview Management at PO BOX 847, Redmond, OR 97756. Please return a voided check along with the form. You can sign up for either monthly or quarterly debit, there are no fees or incentives either way. On a monthly payment plan, a debit is made from homeowner accounts on the 15th of every month. On the quarterly plan, the debit is made on the 15th of the first month of the quarter.
  • What is the population of Eagle Crest?
    According to the 2010 census, Eagle Crest has a population of 1,696.  Our community has grown significantly since that census was taken with a large number of homes built.  If Eagle Crest was ranked with 242 Oregon cities and towns, we would be listed 130th, just above Cannon Beach.  (ref: Wikipedia.org)